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An uncategorized list of some things I have been working on in the last few months.

Frontend Development, UX Design, Three.js, SVGs, Illustration View Project


Frontend Development for the web wallet application and UX Design for the application ecosystem, including the UI guideline

Frontend Development, UX Design View Project


Branding, UX & UI for the Accounts Recievable Chrome Extension and Web App

Frontend Development, UX Design View Project on Behance


User Interface for a concept web-app

UI & UX Design View Project on Behance


UI for a concept Game Review Website

UI Design View Project on Behance

Waves 2014

Branding & Website Design for the Festival

Branding, UI Design View Project on Behance

Waves 2014 Posters

Posters I designed for the the fest

Graphic Design View Project on Behance

Illustrations @ Housing

A few Illustrations for the 404 & 500 pages

Graphic Design, Illustrations View Project on Behance

User Experience Designer
May’16 - Present, Bangalore
Working on a new design system for all the interfaces and platforms, while also working on new feature integration. We are trying to make the flows simpler and intuitive. Interesting product and great team are the best part of the deal. A lot more to come here in the future.
Product Designer
Jan’16 - May'16, Chandigarh
At Trestor, worked with a great team on products which spanned a multitude of technological spheres - electronic currency & farming automation mainly. Ported the already popular mobile wallet on web using React and a lot of handwritten CSS. Also waorked on designing a central design system to adapt to multiple products, so that each one retains their individuality and also look like they belong to the same family.
Product Designer
Jan’14 - Dec'15, Remote & Bangalore
Conceptualized and developed the branding for the product. Designed the User Application by iteratively working on the Interaction, Data model, Experience and Interface.
UI Design Intern
May’14 - July'14, Mumbai
Worked majorly on Responsive Email Design, Designing Modular UI of the website for Micro-sites, Interaction Prototyping using framer.js and working on a concept Android Mobile Application based on Material Design
Front-end Developer & Usability Designer
Sep'13 - Aug'14, Remote
Built the pre-designed UI from scratch using HAML, SCSS and Angular.js. Improved the usability of the website, and designed their mobile app

About Me
I design digital Interfaces & Experiences on a daily basis and try to push myself to make them simple intuitive, usable, functional and to my best knowledge - beautiful. Have a bagfull of side-projects on which I work on my free time, which I will release soon as a list here!

    Some terms I think I have an understanding of:
  • Rapid Prototyping(know a few tools here - framer.js > HTML/CSS/JS > Sketch+principle > paper prototypes FTW > sketch+invision),
  • User Centered Design (being the user advocate in the product team!),
  • Usability (everyone has heard about norman doors, it's one of the best way to describe the importance of the topic in reducing the amount of frustrating experieces),
  • User Experience (this is the super term of design - it is composed of user research, studying about contexts, mental model, touchpoint interaction of the product with the user a.k.a. journey mapping, designing interaction models, accessibility - it makes no sense to disregard a particular group of people from the user base because we are running a 1 week sprint, interface Design & prototyping among the spectrum of things which this topic encapsulates),
  • & Front-End Development

If you want to collaborate on something interesting - Email me!

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